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Swing Bed

Skilled Nursing (SwingBed)

At Concho County Hospital, in addition to Inpatient and Outpatient Services, we provide Skilled Nursing Services.

People most often associate Skilled Nursing Services with Nursing Home Care.  That is only partially accurate.

The only requirements are (1) A previous 3-night-stay at a hospital as an inpatient, and (2) the ordering physician must specify the patient’s need for certain types of therapy (i.e. physical therapy, I.V. therapy, or respiratory treatments).

The SwingBed Program directly benefits our community by enabling patients to transfer here after an out-of-town hospital stay or even as an alternative to Nursing Home Stays.  Patients can enjoy the privacy of their own rooms, one-on-one care from therapists, and a friendly atmosphere while they receive treatment.

Below are some important facts about Skilled Nursing Benefits.

  • Hospitals can also provide Skilled Nursing Care through a Swing Bed Program. 
  • Medicare pays 100% of the costs of Skilled Nursing Care for up to 20 days and even 100 days for some Medicare Advantage Plans.
  • Skilled Nursing (SNF) days are renewed after 60 days of being out of the hospital.
  • Once the 20 full days are used, the patient is still entitled to 80 coinsurance days, which means the coinsurance rate will be applied to the balance.


Our Certified Skilled Nursing (SwingBed) Coordinator is Lindee Pyle, RN.  She can be contacted at (325) 869-5911 or by email at lindee.pyle@conchoch.com