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Medical Records


The Medical Records Department is responsible for maintaining medical records in a standardized and professional manner in order to protect patient confidentiality while allowing adequate access to providers in order to promote quality patient care.

Transcription, diagnosis coding, and release of information are some of the other major duties performed in the Medical Records Department. Also information is gathered and sent to state agencies concerning Traumas, Births, and Deaths, and Cancer Diagnoses.

Records are released in accordance with state and federal laws.

To receive copies of your or your children's records you must first sign a release of information giving us permission to release the records.

You have the right to request records for your dependent children if they have not yet reached the age of 18. Once 18, a person must sign for their own records.

Certified birth certificates are NOT available from Concho County Hospital Medical Records Department. These records must be ordered from the Department of Vital Statistics in the state which the birth was registered.

Center For Health Statistics
Department of State Health Services
1100 West 49th Street
Austin, Texas 78756-3199

Phone: (512) 776-7261
Fax: (866) 239-7344


Liz Eureste is our Director of Medical Records, and she has an Advanced ICD-9 Certification.  She also handles Public Relations for the Hospital, Indigent Care Coordination, and is the Hospital’s Patient Advocate. 

She is also a Board Member (Secretary/Treasurer) of the Eden Chamber of Commerce, and is a Hospital Representative for the CCH Hospital Auxiliary. 

Liz has an open-door policy with our community members.  Our Board of Directors allows her to assist the citizens of Concho County in filling out applications for healthcare services, which has been an enormous help for our citizens.  She directs Concho County Hospital Elections and has done so for the past 20 years.  She also attends job fairs on behalf of the Hospital for everything from Physician Recruiting to Office Training.

Her contributions to the Hospital are immeasurable, and she is available during business hours Monday through Friday for any questions you may have regarding any of these topics.