614 Eaker St.

Eden, Texas 76837

Phone: 325-869-5911

Fax: 325-869-5218


Food and Nutrition Department (Dietary)


Our Dietary Department prepares and serves meals to patients based on the recommendations of their physicians.

We help promote healthy balanced diets, educate patients on their diets, and prepare a meal for them that they can enjoy. 

Our Dietary Supervisor, Diane Ortega, and her Assistant Manager Hortensia Villarreal visit our patients soon after admission to inquire about the patients’ preferences on menu items.  Patients with special diets are instructed on what is permitted by their doctor for them to eat and why.  Their friendly attitudes and accommodations are highly regarded among our patients.


Patient Meal Service Hours:

        Breakfast:                                        7:30AM

        Lunch:                                             11:30AM  

        Dinner:                                            5:00PM    


We can be contacted at any time during service hours.  Please feel free to contact us about your loved one’s stay at our facility.